Saturday, March 3, 2012


I simultaneously want to scream and throw things, break down and cry, and eat (burgers, chocolate, mac and cheese...doesn't really matter what) all at the same time. I am officially starting to lose it. And it's like I can feel this thing taking over my body and making me sarcastic, short, and mean. Poor Andrew. 10 days down, 35 to go.

Other than the hormonal changes, we have no real updated news. I head back to the doctor on Tuesday and we get to do a trial transfer to see how my body will respond to that and make sure everything goes where it should. And the next round of drugs are being shipped to me early next week for injections to start.

We are blessed to attend a church where infertility is such a common issue and where the leaders in the church are willing to talk about it. They also recognize that we need support along this journey. So tomorrow, the adoption Sunday School class starts. We are going to be meeting - those who have successfully adopted, are in the process, or are thinking about it for the future - to discuss the Biblical view and discuss all our questions and fears with those who have successfully completed the process. Andrew and I have struggled with this, as we have such a strong desire to give birth to biological children, but I also have to wonder if the reason for our infertility is because God has something more planned for us. For us to be able to invest into the live of children who, without our care, would be orphans. After one particularly difficult doctors appointment last fall we went to church for "Orphan Sunday" and it was all I could do not to break down into hysterics right there. What a beautiful picture of Christ it is to adopt and accept a child who so desperately needs parents (and the Lord, of course). And though we are still praying for pregnancy, I am slowly beginning to think more about adoption, whether that is for our first child or if that is after we have had 2 or 3. I am excited to learn more tomorrow and build relationships with others who are in or have gone through this difficult process.

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  1. Praying for you...adoption is a beautiful picture