Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Insurance Rage

So, I'm sure some of my rage today is coming from the hormones. But most of it is coming because of the insurance companies. So I have come to terms with UHC not covering IVF and have been preparing to pay for that, plus the fertility drugs, since we started this journey. What makes me crazy is how they are trying to get out of paying for everything. I had a giant cyst drained in December (so it wouldn't rupture and send me to the ER) and they are refusing coverage. I left my family early over Christmas break so I could come back to Charlotte and have the procedure done while I had met my deductible...missed spending time with family who had traveled to be together. And they can deny it, for no specific reason. And I can call, speak to numerous incompetent people and supervisors, and they can all agree that if fact it looks like I needed the procedure, but there is nothing they can do. "Submit an appeal." Great.

And then I get transferred over to the prescription coverage side, after being told that UHC cannot answer specific questions about drug coverage, to determine the reason why I cannot take Lupron - the gold standard of treatment for endometriosis - when my physician has told me he has never encountered an insurance company who would not cover it. And I am told, "sorry, nothing we can do...but (guess what) you can submit an appeal." Great, thanks for being so helpful. So to keep me from wanting to scream and break things (which so far I have managed not to do) I am venting here. And feeling maybe 10% better at this point. Insurance companies suck. Maybe I'll have something more positive to say next time, but today is just one of those days where I feel very beat down.

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