Thursday, March 29, 2012


Still on pain meds and a little woozy from anesthesia, but overall I am not feeling too bad. I am reclining and resting after retrieval this morning. For the most part, things went smoothly. I never do well coming out of anesthesia, so that was expected, but the procedure itself went well. No complications, just a few extra hours in recovery to help me combat anesthesia.

We have been praying since Tuesday for God to prepare the rest of the underdeveloped eggs so we could have a decent number at retrieval. As of Tuesday, they were thinking 12ish and maybe a few more would grow before Thursday. Considering how few actually make it to day 5 and become embryo, they were thinking maybe 3-4. Well, we got a call from the doctor shortly after getting home and were told they took 29 (yes, 29!) eggs. Eesh. That's a lot. We have no idea how many, if any, are mature and will be fertilized. But what an answer to prayers!

The one downside to having so many eggs is he is concerned I will develop hyperstimulation syndrome. So we've added another med and I have to monitor my fluids and spend a few days resting. Thankfully the weekend is right around the corner so I get plenty of time before I have to head back to work.

So here's the timeline: Tomorrow we get a number of healthy eggs and number fertilized, Sunday we'll get an update of how many have survived, and by Tuesday I'll know how many actual embryo (little bitty babies) we have!
So the OR of REACH waiting

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