Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A letter for Warren at 3

Happy 3rd birthday Warrie!  This 3rd year has brought about so many changes, so much growth and development for you!  One year ago, you had maybe 2 or 3 words.  That's all.  And now??  Now, you wake up each morning singing Bob the Builder.  You talk to your brother constantly.  You have come so far, overcome so much, to get to this point.

You are my biggest little boy, older by 1 minute.  And you have done a wonderful job loving your younger brother and sister.  I have loved watching you learn so much this year.  You love your tools, using a screwdriver or drill to "fix" everything around the house.  And you love building a fort - stacking up all the pillows and blankets in the whole house in one big pile.  (I promise not to mess up your pillow pile again tomorrow!)  I love watching you play with your brother, asking about him if he's not in the car with us.  I love how you cannot go to sleep without giving Hannah at least 2 hugs and 2 rounds of kisses, even though you immediately complain about her wet kisses.  And I love watching you come alive in the pool, laughing as you splash us or jump in.

Warren, you are so special to me.  When I think back to your birth, that scary moment when I was told I would deliver before hitting the 3rd trimester, I am just amazed at you and all God has accomplished.  Through the years of therapies and changes, you have thrived.  I love you so much my biggest boy!



A letter for Dean at 3

Happy 3rd birthday Deanie Man!  I love you so very much!

This past year, you have grown so much.  You are such a sweet and caring little boy, always concerned when someone doesn't seem happy, making sure that everyone is included.  My heart swells when I see how you love your brother, how you wait for him and make sure he is okay.  I love your passion for life, how you feel so deeply, even though this often manifests in temper tantrums.  What you feel is always written right on your face, so easy to decipher.  There is no deceit there, just a air of innocence.

You love your cars and trucks, especially the construction trucks.  I love hearing you play and coordinate efforts with Warren to move piles of clothes around the room.  You also love reading and would sit in my lap for hours and hour reading the same book.  I love how, as soon as I'm finished, you ask to read it again.  And I love how you will sometimes come and find me and give me a huge hug, just because.  You love so deeply and I pray you never lose that trait.

Dean, your little life is a miracle.  You are thriving, overcoming your birth history to the point that I feel like I almost don't have to mention it!  Know that you are always loved.



Warren and Dean turn 3!!

Happy birthday boys!!  I cannot believe my boys are 3.  I have 3 year olds!  And to celebrate...they're sleeping in!  Maybe it's because they haven't napped in ages, maybe it's a combination of day camp and swimming in the pool, but I'm feeling very productive on this birthday morning.  Who knows, maybe this will be the new normal...haha, right.

I love Warren and Dean's birthday.  I love it.  There is so much to celebrate on this day.  First, that they were able to have a birthday this late, that they didn't come in May or early June when we thought they would.  And second, that they survived even born so early.  We know all to well that this is not a given, that the odds were against us.  And not just surviving, but thriving.  They are going to camp together, learning so much and sharing it with each other.  This year is a little sweeter, as they are so clearly best friends.  They love each other and look out for each other and play (flight) together, which makes my heart so happy.  Three years ago, I was being moved back from labor and delivery to my longer to room, only to go back to labor and deliver a few hours later.   I still so vividly remember the way our doctor calmly stated "I'm going to take them now."  The rush of fear and anxiety followed immediately by calm and peace.  (And then reeeally calm as the mag drip set in).  We knew God was in control, we knew God would be with us and these little bitty boys.  We didn't know the outcome, knew better than most that there are no guarantees, but we knew that, no matter what, God was by our side.

We are so thankful to celebrate Warren and Dean's 3rd birthday today!!