Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A letter for Dean at 3

Happy 3rd birthday Deanie Man!  I love you so very much!

This past year, you have grown so much.  You are such a sweet and caring little boy, always concerned when someone doesn't seem happy, making sure that everyone is included.  My heart swells when I see how you love your brother, how you wait for him and make sure he is okay.  I love your passion for life, how you feel so deeply, even though this often manifests in temper tantrums.  What you feel is always written right on your face, so easy to decipher.  There is no deceit there, just a air of innocence.

You love your cars and trucks, especially the construction trucks.  I love hearing you play and coordinate efforts with Warren to move piles of clothes around the room.  You also love reading and would sit in my lap for hours and hour reading the same book.  I love how, as soon as I'm finished, you ask to read it again.  And I love how you will sometimes come and find me and give me a huge hug, just because.  You love so deeply and I pray you never lose that trait.

Dean, your little life is a miracle.  You are thriving, overcoming your birth history to the point that I feel like I almost don't have to mention it!  Know that you are always loved.



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