Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bed Rest

As anyone who has known me since childhood can attest, if there is a side effect or complication from medical procedures or medications - I will get it. Back to the doctor we went today after having more abdominal pain and being HUGE (my dear, sweet husband offered to let me borrow his pants...and kindly pointed out that now my belly sticks out past my boobs...nice). The doctor confirmed that my ovaries are the cause of that hugeness as they were measuring over 20 cm total. Eek. So I was instructed to continue my bed rest at least another day, making 5 days total. Not sure I am going to be able to take any more time in the bed or the recliner.

While we were at the doctor, though, we got an update on the embryo. Of the 29 eggs, 22 were mature eggs and able to be fertilized. Of those, 19 actually fertilized. We knew through the process that we would lose some each day. But our day 3 number: still 19. Wow. As of 11:30 this morning, each embryo was 6-7 cells and all looked healthy. The doctor seems to think we may end up with more than the original 5-6 he was hoping for. Andrew and I have always dreamed of a big family, this is just a little more than we ever expected. It is going to be such a journey seeing where God takes us with all this, how many of these children he choses to bring into our lives as healthy babies. We always said we would never just discard the embryo, because human life begins as the DNA is combined and cells start to split which, at 6ish cells now, has already occured. Maybe they will make a TV show about us and all our children?? Could be interesting

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