Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Room Air Trials

Success!  So proud of my boys. Warren got tired of everyone talking about how he was behind, that he couldn't breathe as well as his little bro. So, he decided to show us all. In their temporary, quiet space (moved so their old unit could be rewired for a new computer system) he thrived. No extra oxygen requirements, lost the chin strap, and earned himself a room air trial. Which he PASSED on his very first try on Friday. Way to go Warren!  He passed again the next day, making it the full 3 hours, while watching his Uncle Wade get married on FaceTime. And then he got tired. And had 10 bradys that night. So, he lost his privileges. But he has the chin strap off again and we're working our way back. 

Dean continued with his one hour trials, sometimes making it, sometimes not. Until he heard that Warren beat him. Then he got mad.  And decided to step up. He now completed the full 3 hours 2 days in a row!  And no bradys last night, so we continue today. Yay!  We are slowly getting there...

And now, when they have the bubble cpap on, they are both incredibly fussy. They hate it. REALLY hate it. And they constantly rip it off their faces. Kinda cute, but not very functional. 

Warren ripping off his bubble

Warren's first trial

Dean sucking his thumb on his trial

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