Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Special Care

So, we hit 34 weeks and just took off!  Both Warren and Dean went to 100% room air, no bubble, on Saturday. Can't believe they hit that milestone together. So proud of Warren for catching up!  On Sunday, all the oxygen support stuff, except for the ambu bag, was gone from their cribs. And then yesterday we were moved out of the high risk area into special care!  Still back in the NICU, but one step closer to going home. Now begins the feeding battle.  Which is already up and down.

The boys are now weighing in at over 4 pounds!  And we can now hold them when they fuss or for feedings. Such a drastic improvement since 2 weeks ago. God is so good!  Can't wait to have these little boys home!  Last night, Dean was struggling.  He was fussing and crying and you could just tell he felt bad. I couldn't leave him in the hands of the nurse to hold and comfort him - that was my job. So I stayed late and held him on my chest till he fell asleep.  Just a taste of home life and I am even more ready to get there. All the loud screaming babies around me right now don't help either...

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