Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One month

Happy one month birthday boys!  We are so proud of all you have done this month!

The morning of their first month birthday started off so stressful. The boys were doing great, but the nurse was stressing me out. And I left for lunch feeling like the worst mom ever. But we had a blast that night. We were back with their primary night nurse who let us play together. We got to have a little photo shoot!  Granted, it was on a scale instead of the soft fuzzy blankets I had pictured, but still so much fun. Here's a few from the night. 

Family shot

Not so sure about this...

Yep, I want more space! Already acting like brothers :)

A little more content with tummy time

So the first month has definitely been up and down. Warren is doing 100% better now. He is down to no extra oxygen with a lower pressure on his cpap. And he tolerated having everything off for about 20 minutes with no episodes!  Yay!  Dean is tolerating 1 hour room air trials better after a blood transfusion but has not tried another full 3 hour trial. I am getting anxious and ready for them to be off all the extra tubes and such because they get so mad about it!  Every time the prongs are pushed back up the nose they cry like you are stabbing them. And there are actual tears, chin quivering sobs. Breaks my heart each time. But we are slowly getting there. Another few weeks??  But outside the breathing, they are doing so well!  Every test is normal and they are growing like crazy. Now up to 3 pounds 3 oz!  Chunkers! Love them so much and so grateful for them. 

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