Friday, May 24, 2013

Do you want the good news or the bad??

So...good news. Contractions are getting better. God has answered our prayers for things to calm down, for the cervix length to stabilize, and for the boys to continue being healthy. I have 3 more doses of medication allowed at this point and will be off by tomorrow morning. Scary thought, but I am trying to remind myself God has this-he can keep the contractions away even without meds. So I am choosing, at this moment, to be optimistic. Still nervous though. 

And bad news. The OB this morning said she recommends I stay here in the hospital at least until 28 weeks, maybe until delivery. The second OB came by a few hours later with the same opinion. There goes my fun shower, decorating the nursery, maternity pictures, all my plans. I know it is 100% worth it. No one needs to remind me of that. It's just disappointing and exhausting. And poor Andrew! Living here with me, going home to do laundry and yard work, and repeating again and again. (All while still working full time and worrying about everyone). 

And that's about it. More updates to come after meds stop this weekend. 

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  1. Wow - we'll come do your yard work! Will be up to visit soon. Praying, praying for the boys!