Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pre-isolation outings

So, we've been in lock down for 3 weeks, 3 weeks that I've been saying to myself "I really need to put up the pictures of all the things we did in September."  And then, as any mom knows, life gets away from you.  So here I am, waiting for about 50 people to call me back for things dealing with Reagan's Garden, not feeling like doing the cleaning that so desperately needs to be done, and I thought...why not now?

We ended our summer with some great trips.  Over Labor Day, we visited with dear friends from FL and all vacationed together with our 9 kids.  Yeah, 9 kids, 3 sets of twins.  We had a few hours of "vacation" each day, typically everything after 7:30.  But seriously, it was a wonderful time to catch up, to ask the hard questions, and to laugh.  It was so uplifting to see kids a year or two older than our boys doing things like listening and actually understanding, laughing and playing together.  Gives me so much to look forward to!

We also visited the lake, taking the boys out on the boat and riding around, which they really seemed to enjoy.  The boat is a whole new thing to explore.  And it has buttons and snaps, which seem to keep these boys busy for hours.  We all four went tubing.  I can't really say it was an enjoyable experience...there was much screaming and whining.  But those life jackets did look super uncomfortable, so I can't say I blame them.  

And our last trip of September was back for a Clemson game.  I tried to teach the boys Go Tigers! for their first words...no such luck.  They'll have it down by next year though.  They absolutely loved tailgating - exploring the great outdoors, eating some dirt, playing with rocks and leaves.  What more could a little boy ask for??  

It was a little less relaxing than our typical tailgates, constantly watching to make sure Warren and Dean didn't get around any of the kids with colds, but it was so wonderful to see old friends again.  So much has changed in the past two years with the dynamics of our group!

Family Photo - Solid Orange

Poor Wyatt, such a trooper!  Boys first experience "horseback" riding

And of course, on our way home, we took the boys apple picking.  They did a great job hanging out in their strollers, getting down to pick a few apples, and munching on them as we headed back up.  Warren drank something for the first time in over 2 months, an apple cider slushie.  He loved it!  And proved to us all that it is not the mechanics of drinking that is the problem, it's his strong stubborn will!  


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