Thursday, March 21, 2013


We finally had good news! After weeks of bleeding and pain, the clot appears to be stabilizing. Praise The Lord!! No increase in clot size in 2 weeks! And the babies are still growing, measuring perfectly.

I have struggled so much over the past 2 weeks with trusting God in all of this. My instincts pull me strongly away, wanting to take control of everything (as if there was a way to do that anyway). I long to have a normal pregnancy, to be able to experience the joy and awe at growing these babies inside of me. I have tried to cling to hope that God has a plan and his plan is best, but that is unbelievably hard. To surrender to that daily. Especially with Reagan and our loss, which we still face on a daily basis.

BUT today, we had good news. God has been answering our prayers over these past 2 weeks despite my worsening symptoms. Babies are growing and the clot is not. Yay! These are going to be our miracle babies :)

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  1. To God be the glory my friend! Praying for growing faith, protection and supernatural peace! Big hugs!