Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Morning Sickness

Ok, so I have learned a very important lesson in the past week.  Never pray that God would remind you daily that you are, in fact, pregnant.  Don't doubt He is in control and beg for a sign that you have not lost the babies.  Because...wham!  Morning sickness.  I am trying to take advantage of these few minutes when I do not want to throw up or cry or lie in the fetal position.  Ugh...  Not that I am complaining, because it really is such a joy to be pregnant.  I am a little more awestruck each week as I get my updated emails with the size of the baby (pea-sized this week) and what organs are developing (the heart is already beating at 150 bpm!!).  But it is very challenging to work when I feel a little like death.  Just a little, and then I remind myself it is all because of these babies we have prayed so hard for, and then I feel a little better.

I have had two big fears in life.  Not really being alone, not really dying.  Nope, my fears are 1.) vomit and 2.) needles.  Wow, how God uses our circumstances to just push us right outside of our comfort zone.  Thankfully I am just feeling sick and not getting sick (He only gives us what we can handle!) but I am continuing to learn so much.

We have our 1st ultrasound in 2 days - our first opportunity to see the babies and their tiny little heartbeats.  I am so excited!  Right now it's just this vague blood test, this hCG level, and that's it.  My body is telling me now that they are there, but I haven't actually seen them.  And that is just going to make my day.  I'll have new pictures for the fridge!  And then we can finally tell our families and I can publish these last few blogs!  YAY!

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