Monday, February 13, 2012


So this may be the week! I should be headed back to REACH for another evaluation this week to determine if my body is ready for IVF. We are hoping and praying the Lord has healed all of my cysts and we are ready to move forward. Such an exciting though - that all the waiting might be done. We finally shared with our small group from church what we are struggling with and so the prayer is that things are healed and we are able to start IVF this week unless it is not God's plan. If I am trying to take over control and put my trust in physicians and medications and not God using these wonderful medical advances, then we pray I continue to have cysts. And that I don't break down if we get that news.

This weekend I attended a baby shower for an amazing Christian woman, Beth, who is waiting for a child. She has been waiting for more than 2 years for an adoptive child. And she has such a wonderful spirit and heart about the whole process. It was such an uplifting and encouraging shower, of faith despite the situation. I am so blessed to be in a church where infertility is such a commonality and we can lean on each other and encourage one another.

This has been a weekend in which I am finally feeling peace again. This may change, and did slightly as I received another baby shower invitation and learned of a woman who has 11, yes 11 children naturally, but overall it has been good. Will know more very soon!

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