Monday, September 29, 2014

Officially one!

Today is my due date.  The day Warren and Dean would have entered the world in a perfect environment.  Instead, they are already 15 months old.  I feel like I'm cheating, getting to spend 3 whole extra months with them!  We celebrated in style, with OT visits at 8AM, shots with the doc at 10AM, and our early intervention treatments at 3:30PM.  Wow, what a day!  Poor little guys, still recovering from our weekend away, and their first day back home was such a stressor!  But, they are troopers and handled it all, sleeping soundly now.

I'm not quite sure how to go about life now that I officially have one-year-olds.  (medically speaking, anyway)  What to feed them, how or when to introduce whole milk (or do I even want to do that??), how to teach them all these new things. more babies.  Part of me is celebrating their new independence, growth, and development.  I love watching them learn and explore.  And part of me is somewhat grieving that they are no longer babies, that I didn't take enough time to sit and enjoy them, that I wished away those sleepless nights and their neediness...knowing that as they continue to age they will need me less and less.  I'm not quite sure how I feel about that.  I want them to stay little forever.  And yet, I want them to get bigger.  What a weird mix of conflicting emotions!

And speaking of bigger, we got our new weights at the doctor today.  Warren was up 17 lb 4 oz!  I cannot believe it.  My tiny Warren, whose thigh was smaller than my pinky finger, who dropped well below 2 pounds, is such a chunker!  No wonder he is getting hard to hold.  And Dean is slowly getting there, weighing in at 15 lb 14 oz.  Doctor still says he's following his own curve, so no need to be concerned.  And, that's 2 full pounds heavier than he was on his birthday, so he is somewhat catching up.

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