Monday, September 22, 2014

Warren's Homecoming anniversary

This time last year I was holding the tiny, sleeping Dean close as I packed my overnight bag for our last hospital night.  Andrew had just spent the last 2 days rooming in with Warren.  We were taking no chances.  No new nurses, no miscommunications about his complex feeding needs and how to handle his reflux to prevent those never ending bradys.  Nope, we'd had our homecoming delayed 3 times.  Not again.  It was my turn to take a night up there in the back of the NICU, eat another yummy hospital meal, and have unending cuddle time with my little man.  Yep, Warren was going to be coming home the next morning!  Only 18 hours stood between me and having both my boys home.

I drove up to the Presby hospital for what would be our last trip.  This time, I was coming with a carseat.  Woo hoo!  Little did I know that we would be given the greatest gift that night, an understanding doctor who realized that one more night in the hospital really meant nothing.  We were at day 87...what difference would a few hours make in our ability to care for Warren?  None, he decided.  And so I was sent home a whole day early!  I was giddy.  I couldn't wait to have everyone home!

We packed up our double cartload of stuff from the NICU, gathered all our little mementos, and headed home that evening.  Exactly 1 year ago.  Happy homecoming day, Warren!  One year later, you are walking everywhere, eager to explore all that is around you.  You love being outside, collecting little leaves and pieces of pine straw like they are treasure.  You love opening and closing doors.  But most of all, you love peek a boo.  Your little face lights up with delight when we run and hide behind the columns, popping out when you least expect it.

You, my son, have overcome so much.  Those last 10 days in the NICU without Dean were an amazing blessing in disguise as I got to spend uninterupted hours holding you, loving on you, and praying for you.  I am so very blessed to be your mommy.  I love you so much, Warren!

So many early pictures looked like this....some days we didn't know if we would make it through!  But, every once in a while, we had moments like this: 
Cuddling with my sweet Warren

And now look at you go!  Enjoying your new found freedom and the thrill of being thrown high in the air!

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