Friday, April 11, 2014


Today, I am longing for what I have missed.  I'm not sure why these recent days have been more difficult...possibly sleep deprivation?  Possibly spending more time with some amazing Hope Mommies and sharing Reagan's story?  Possibly seeing all the hugely pregnant women on FB and realizing how much my boys missed out on?

Coming home outfits.  I have several friends pregnant and due any second now all posting about coming home outfits.  Ouch.  Reagan had no outfit...her tiny little body was too small for even the little tutu I brought with me to the hospital.  Her head didn't fill out the handmade hat.  With my boys, we didn't know exactly when they would come home.  Dean came home in something semi-cute, but we were so heartbroken at leaving Warren behind it was one of those bittersweet moments.  Warren coming home was a complete and utter surprise.  I don't even know what he wore home...whatever the nurse decided to put him in that morning I suppose.  Don't get me wrong, I was delighted to have him come home a day early.  But it was a frantic rush to gather 3 months worth of stuff from our NICU area, put it in bags, and get picked up.  No cute little matching smocked outfits as I had once dreamed.  And, they came home to a room full of random junk as they had no nursery yet.  Never what I dreamed for us and the first children we would get to bring home.  Never dreamed that I would even have to clarify that - first children vs. first ones home.  Makes me long for heaven and our future so much!

On a positive note, we are headed to Clemson this weekend!  That's right, no more isolation.  The boys will attend their very first Clemson game since we weren't allowed in crowds this fall.  The spring game.  Should be so much fun!  I am excited to get to take them to downtown Clemson and walk the streets where Andrew and I fell in love.  It will also be their very first shopping trip!  They've never set foot in single store, restaurant, etc before.  I hope to have some great pictures along with reports that they did well with the change in schedule (gulp) for next week!

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