Tuesday, April 15, 2014


To kick off the end of isolation, we took the boys to their very first Clemson game.  We did a single tailgate last year which is such a blur now.  I think I spent more time trying to feed the boys/pumping in the car than I did actually out at the game.  But this time, we explored Clemson a bit.  We took the boys downtown to do some window shopping.  And, along the way, we ran into Tahj Boyd and Sammy Watkins!  They signed our boys jerseys and smiled awkwardly for a picture before getting in trouble for signing merchandise not purchased in the store...oops.  But who can resist twins??

Next we walked through campus, across Bowman field, and into the amphitheatre where Andrew officially asked me to be his girlfriend back 11 years ago.  Hmmm...that suddenly makes me feel old.  They loved it.  Warren looked all around, inquisitive and taking it all in.  Dean gave big goofy grins.  And we received the expected number of "are those twins??" questions.  Still not quite sure what to say to that...
Taking in Bowman and watching the frisbee/football games

Family shot in the amphitheater 

After all that excitement, we headed into the stadium.  Warren was a little terrified and clung to me for dear life.  He never cried (except when Grandpa was holding him and yelled at the game...) but we could tell he wasn't super excited about it.  Dean, on the other hand, loved every second of the game.  His blue eyes sparkled and he laughed the whole time.  Such big grins.  Overall, they did far better than we ever thought they would.  I think we paid for it the next day, though, as we fully expected we would.  Still trying to get them back on track now...

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