Thursday, August 2, 2012

8 weeks

Our baby is now the size of a raspberry, kidney bean, or jelly bean!  Not real sure why all of these websites and support sites compare my child to a random food item, but we're still pretty excited to get that email each week.  It's like a little surprise for me each weekend.  Next email will be on Saturday when I get to find out what food our baby will most resemble at 9 weeks!

Overall things have been relatively uneventful.  Bleeding has slowed and stopped at times; I have all the pregnancy symptoms I have read about with fatigue and nausea causing the most complications.  I find it amazing that I can crave a food, go and purchase said food, and then change my mind when I smell it.  Makes finding things to eat very challenging.  I'm trying to keep to the 6 small meals per day to keep the nausea down, and that helps somewhat.  Other than that, nothing new to report.  My belly seems to be swelling a little quicker than I thought as I am well past the pant buttoning stage and at times in missing the pant zipping stage.  I really appreciate that fashion right now continues to include long shirts and undershirts.  Makes it much more manageable.

We had a second ultrasound last week and I was amazed at how much our little peanut had grown in just 10 days.  You would be amazed at the change too, except I tucked the pictures away in my car while away for the weekend and apparently the heat sucked the ink right off the page and now it's just a black blob.  She (still dont' know gender, so I write with whichever I am feeling like at the time...) continued to look strong and healthy with a heart rate up over 150.  And I'll have a new set of pictures for next week where I think we'll actually be able to tell we are looking at a baby...

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  1. I have been checking your blog regularly and was thrilled to see this update. I hope things continue to go well for you, Meghan. God bless!

    Cindy Robinson