Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We are truly blessed to have so many people who are praying for us.  And I have gone my whole life asking people to pray for me, but have never experienced the outpouring of a group of people going out of their way to gather and pray over me.  How sovereign God is to lead us to a church where so many are struggling with the same issues and others are such prayer warriors.  I'd like to say it has alleviated all my worries to know people are praying for us now and for Friday and that God is in control.  And maybe one day I will have the faith to say that...but for now, it definitely helps.

On a lighter note, we discovered this evening after intramuscular shot #3 why they have been so painful.  Apparently, after drawing the progesterone into the syringe, you switch the thick needle for a thinner and sharper one.  Oops.  That explains why I want to scream each time Andrew shot me and why I am hobbling around work.  Tomorrow will be better!

Only one final test stands between us and an absolute confirmation for Friday.  Blood test early tomorrow AM and we will be good to go.  Just praying that the needle size wouldn't matter and that the newest injections are doing all they need to.

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