Monday, November 3, 2014

Birthday Weekend Celebration

We have really enjoyed a wonderful weekend away with the boys, celebrating Reagan's short life and the joy she has brought us.  The weather didn't cooperate quite like we were expecting but the snow did hold off until late on Friday.  We enjoyed a beautiful drive through the mountains with every color imaginable on the mountainside - gorgeous fall leaves of red, orange, and gold.  It was breathtaking.  I would never have known a) that it was so cold outside and b) that we were hours away from snowfall.

We started our time in Blowing Rock with a balloon release, picnic lunch, and temper tantrums.

Once the bellies were full, we headed into town for the traditional trip to Kilwins.  I purchased a chunk of the best fudge ever.  Andrew bought ice cream (yes, it was in the 40s outside, and yes, he ate it all).  This allowed the boys to have their very first EVER taste of ice cream.  Nothing but the best for my babies!  And they LOVED it, signing "more" after each bite.  And then there were the temper tantrums once Mommy said all done.  Poor little guys, couldn't understand why they couldn't have more of such a good thing.  Tough life lessons learned at a young age.

Early Saturday morning, we woke to beautiful, freshly-fallen snow.  We briefly let the boys play outside and captured a glimpse of the pure joy on Warren's face.  Such a blessing to raise these boys!

And then we thought, we're so close, why not head to Sky Top for some apple cider donuts??  No line today!  And, to continue the weekend of spoiling our boys all-natural, sugar-free diet, we thought we'd give them a taste.  Yummy!

Ok, so Warren definitely shows off when a camera is around.  Most of the time.  And we get those adorable, dimpled grins.  Dean, well, he's less photogenic (though equally as cute in person) and with Dean, what you see is what you get.  So, that's him enjoying his mouthful of donut in a less-cute though more realistic fashion.  Just so you don't think Warren is always making that angelic face, in the spirit of fairness...

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