Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A day without Daddy

So, it always seems that an incredibly difficult day follows those easy, relaxed, fun days.  Just a friendly reminder that no, I do not have it all together, and no, I cannot do it all.

Yesterday was a joy.  We laughed.  We danced.  We played peek-a-boo and giggled, running between the columns.  Warren did so much better listening and following simple commands.  One of those days where, even though Andrew didn't get home until nearly 6, I wasn't watching the clock waiting for my helper.

Then, there was today.  Temper tantrums, biting, screaming.  We screamed because the Lego bag was closed, screamed because we threw the Lego over the railing, became hysterical when Mom went downstairs (to retrieve said Lego).  We threw temper tantrums because we wanted more food, because we didn't want THAT food, because we wanted more to drink.  But not out of that cup.  And by the end of the night, Warren and Dean were both standing in kitchen screaming loud enough I'm sure the neighbors thought I was beating them, each holding on to one side of a plastic spoon and pulling with all their might.  Sigh.  Daddy is away for the night and it's like they knew, long before Andrew should have been home.

There was a single moment when they were playing quietly.  I took advantage of that 2 minute interval to address some cards so we could drop them at the post office.  During this time (literally 2 minutes), these boys managed to pull all the toilet paper off the roll, put as much of it in the toilet as physically possible, and "stir" it all together with the TV remote.  Yeah.  I dug a nice remote out of the toilet.  And then pulled out tons of toilet paper.  Sigh again.

I am now wearing an assortment of things no woman should have to wear...various portions of each meal, ear wax, boogers, juice, milk, and spit up.  Ugh.  What a gross day.   But then, in a moment of peace and serenity, right before bed, Warren sighed and laid his head on my shoulder.  Dean gave me a kiss.  Totally worth every second of our difficult day for those last moments before bedtime.  Never mind that Warren wouldn't drink a single drop, that he threw his milk at me.  Never mind that Dean lost it time and time again when he didn't get his way.  I wouldn't change a single thing if it all led up to those quiet moments right before bed.  Love these boys.

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