Friday, February 21, 2014


Over the past several months I have had numerous requests to see the nursery pictures.  And I have been completely slack and never posted a single one!  So, since my boys are napping (at the same time!) and our water is out so no cleaning or laundry (darn!) thought this would be the perfect time.

Our reading nook, where we sit and rock for storytime before each nap.  Most comfortable chair ever!  And thanks Pinterest for the Ikea spice rack idea for books!  The blanket shows some of the theme, with elephants, giraffes, and a hippo (we think hippo...there's some debate on what that yellow animal actually is...)

Changing table/dresser (taken at an odd angle to avoid my pic showing up in the mirror)  Thanks to my parents for staining my old baby dresser and making the changing station for the top and my mother-in-law for getting and painting the shutters/window pane mirror to match the room.  Such blessings and generosity while we were all hospitalized!

Shelf behind the chair with handmade elephant/giraffe complements of Rachel (you can check out her stuff here to support adoption)

Cribs!  Well, one crib.  Dean's looks exactly the same right next to Warren's.  For some reason I didn't get a picture of that though.  

Our little piece of Reagan sticking out from behind Warren's crib.

The quilt rack with matching bedding hanging, shelf with our Reagan board (complements of Baby Boards) and the elephant/monkey stuffed animals that sat by their side in the NICU.

Nursery art painted by my talented Mom to match their bedding

Our first Clemson outfits! Signed onesies from Dabo, booties, and helmets I made during months of bedrest

If I get around to it one day, I'll take a picture of the whole room like I should have and add that back in right here.  :)

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