Thursday, February 27, 2014


Time of isolation is rapid approaching the end!  Two more months, max, and I can leave the house!  It's been over a year now since I was first hospitalized with the boys.  Even longer since I felt like a human being ready to engage in regular, every day life.  One thing is for sure, being housebound for so long definitely reveals something about friends.

I have been shocked and appalled by what someone I once considered a close friend have said to me during this time, as they wait for me to move on and get over what happened to Reagan.  First, let me be clear that one does not "get over" the loss of a child.  And to try to put a time frame on that is just ridiculous.  Reveals the only reason we were ever friends is because of convenience as waiting just a few months was not worth it.  I'm getting off subject...not the point of today's blog.  What this person has made me realize, though, is how blessed we are by others around us.  It is so hard to keep in contact with someone you can never see, especially in an age when phone calls are rare and everything is done electronically.  The rest of the world continued living life - raising children and working - while I sat around on bed rest.  Then lived in the hospital 35 minutes away, unable to leave.  Then struggled with raising my own preemie, colicky babies while confined to the house and on a physician-ordered strict feeding schedule.  

A true friend is one that loves and cares for you, even when you can't do anything for them in return.  I have several women who I have gotten to know better during this last year, who reached out to me when I couldn't give back.  Who brought over meals without being asked, took me to doctors appointments when I couldn't drive, sat with me in the house and hospital on their brief time off, altered their schedules to meet me at the park (the only place the boys can go).  And I haven't said enough how much I appreciate that, how wonderful you ladies are.  Ever single text, phone call, and email has meant so much to me.  Helped me to not feel so isolated here.  Even when the timing doesn't work out, when my children are up all night and I cancel or yours are sick and you cancel, just the offer matters.  "It's the thought that counts" is for sure true.  I love the phone dates and emails sent back and forth.  BUT...two more months!  That's right, 13 months down, 2 to go!  It's just going to fly right by. (Unless Warren has more nights like last night when he was up screaming for nearly 5 hours...then it drags)  And then I can take all you non-flu shot people up on your offers!

So thank you, to everyone who emailed/texted/called even just once during this time.  I know it's been a long time since I've seen many of you, and I know life has changed each of us in the mean time, but I really appreciate every single effort!

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