Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 20: 1/2 way!

So this week has brought with it a new sense of hugeness.  Yes, I knew in advance I was going to get bigger.  The doctor even warned me I would be seeing all new numbers on the scale. (to which I though, duh!  I know that)  I wasn't expecting it all to come in one week!  My body has decided to start absorbing everything as it puffs up.  With my weight gain schedule, I've got another 2 months now before I actually have to gain another pound.  Of course that's not an option, so looks like I'll be at the higher end of that range they like to give you.  Nothing's easy with this, huh? girl is healthy!  Her heart rate is still good, growth is right on track, and she is  just kicking away.  She is now the size of a banana (though she feels much more like the size of the cantaloupe I have sitting downstairs on the counter!)  Some days it still doesn't feel real - I'm wondering when the reality will set in? When will it finally settle that I am carrying another human being inside of me?

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