Monday, May 9, 2016


Dirt.  What is it about 2 year old boys and dirt? It makes them so incredibly carefree and happy.  I can pinterest plan an assortment of themed activities and crafts, plan out how we will make cookies and wash the dishes together (aka play in some soapy water), make lion makes by tearing strips of paper and gluing it onto a plate while watching scenes from the Lion King, paint a cardboard box and turn it into a race car, build a town by drawing a street and buildings on a large box and then building houses and cars out of our legos, etc.  So much effort turned into endless temper tantrums, fighting over who gets what, throwing toys, and about 3 minutes of fun.  But dirt… Dirt requires no effort.  I am sitting here outside in the morning sun, Hannah is sleeping peacefully for her nap, and Warren and Dean are playing in a pile of dirt left from the construction on the pool.  Dirt is carried in cups from the pile to the water table, from water table to bucket, bucket to box, and then back to the pile.  Sometimes it’s dirt, sometimes it’s pancake mix, sometimes it’s strawberry cake, and on special days it’s pizza.  It’s been almost an hour and there has been one temper tantrum.  ONE.  That is just incredible.  They play well with minimal temper tantrums when they’re on their own, but put these 2 boys together – whether they play the same thing or not – and there is almost always someone screaming.  But not when there is dirt.  Picture it…I’m sitting and typing this WHILE THEY ARE AWAKE!  Or at least in their room “napping” not napping.

I was so disappointed our pool progress has become about a month delayed.  BUT, it’s giving me these relaxing dirt mornings, before the Florida heat gets too hot.  I get to watch their imaginations develop as they turn a pile of dirt into so many different things.  I get to watch them play together, laugh and smile, and help each other out.  All without me having to lecture, threaten, or bribe them.  What a beautiful morning!

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