Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I haven't felt as though I have much to blog these days.  No new insight, nothing profound.  Days are spent trying to entertain kids who just desperately want to play outside in the dirt but cannot since our backyard is currently under construction.  Nights are spent trying to unpack and fix the numerous little things wrong with this house.  We are so not "fix it up" kind of people.  This may be the only used house we purchase.  Wow, how self-righteous that sounds.  But seriously, everything is just a little off.  Faucets all leak, washer leaks, fridge breaks, garbage disposal breaks, dishwasher tips over if you open the drawer all the way, outlets don't work, wall switches are connected to nothing and yet some lights we can't figure out how to turn on...  Nothing major, just adds up to be a myriad of little things that all need to be fixed so I don't have to blow dry my hair in the toilet room (not even sure WHY there is an outlet in that little room, but it's the only working one in the bathroom at the moment.  Don't worry, it's located right next to the phone jack... Not so sure about the previous owners...)

The drive to FL was hard.  It was hard to leave behind the Carolinas.  I know we'll be back to visit, but we just have so much history there, so much life was lived there.  I actually got a call from my awesome maternal fetal specialist doc when he found out we had moved.  Who does that??  Who has such amazing doctors that they call just to say bye.  I doubt I can find that again.  Anway, we spent a few days in Clemson at the spring game and lake before making the trip to FL.  One last visit with my sis, one last trip to watch the Tigers play, before it just becomes more difficult.  I felt homesick.  Oh no, wait, not homesick.  Stomach sick.  Yep, that 8 hour drive from Clemson turned into 12 as I caught a stomach bug.  A bug that seemed to persist forever.  Let me just say I am thankful we moved to the town where my inlaws live so that they could spend that week caring for the boys while Andrew handled the move and I hid upstairs.  Ugh...

I am anxious to get out of the house, to get out and about, but it's disappointing to learn most things seem to be ending for the summer.  It's a bit overwhelming to think of entertaining the kids without structured events when it's too hot to just go out to the park.  I didn't realize just how much I depended on those therapy hours, just that little bit of structure, to help us through our day.  And naps...oh, how I miss the naps.  Without those, it's 13 hours of non stop kiddos.  Every. Single. Day.  Whew!  Just a stage, I keep reminding myself.  This is just a stage...

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