Monday, March 14, 2016

4 months and a dress

So, Hannah turned 4 months old!  2 weeks ago...oops.  It's been a busy and hectic 2 weeks, so I'm just now getting around to writing about our sweet daughter.

The last month passed in a blur of cleaning and home showings, temper tatrums and 2 year olds, and little Hannah just hanging on for the ride.  She's still very content, happily going along wherever we end up.  She's sleeping through the night and in her very own room.  She loves sucking her thumb and will put herself back to sleep in seconds if she can find that right one.  She's still rolling to her back and is getting close to being able to roll to her belly.  If I could safely leave her on the floor without worrying about her getting trampled, she'd be much more likely to accomplish that feat.  And she has the greatest little giggle and open mouth smile.  Love it - the joy expressed by a child. <3

My past month has revolved around creating Hannah's baptism gown.  Whew.  I got the idea to search pinterest for a gown I could make about 5 weeks ago.  My thought was I would sew something lacy, but I couldn't find a pattern I liked all that much.  And let's be honest, my sewing skills are sub par at best.  I can sew a straight line, but I'd really rather someone else handle the pinning and cutting.  And then I came across this little crocheted thing, and thought, wow.  That's beautiful and I can definitely do that.  Three days later I had about 1 inch of a vertical stripe for the skirt, and knew I was in trouble.  Where to find the time to do this??  I can crank out a hat with yard in under 30 minutes.  But this dress, with the thin string...  Step 1, chain 316.  Eek.  And then came along my husband, sweet man that he is, who said "you can't finish that."  Well, I don't have a choice now, do I?? Stubborn Meghan took over and I just had to do it.  Of course I also wanted Hannah to have something special, something she could pass down to her own children one day.  I knew it was something I would have made for Reagan and I didn't want the fact that Hannah was our 4th and my days were busy to stop her from having something beautiful too.  So, for the next 5 weeks, every spare second was spent on the dress.  From the second Hannah went down until 11:30, from the time my alarm went off in the morning until kids woke up, nap times, and even while nursing Hannah, I was crocheting.  It became somewhat of a full time job at times.  But, it was finished just in time.  And our sweet daughter was baptized Sunday into God's promises.

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