Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy 2 months!

Happy 2 month birthday little Hannah!  Or should I say, not so little :).  Our petite little girl, who was down in the 12th percentile at her 1 month check up, hit a huge growth spurt and is in the 23rd (she's carrying most of the weight in her cheeks these days) weighing in at 10lb 4oz! Woo hoo!  I must say, it is so nice having a full term chunky baby.  After 2 kiddos who didn't reach the growth chart until their 2nd birthday, this is easy.  No weigh ins before and after every feeding, no consulting feeding specialists, no stressing and worrying over their lack of weight gain.  We still have our nursing struggles, don't you worry, but it is much different with a full term baby.

Hannah still loves to cuddle.  She is never happier than when she is asleep on my chest (as she is now), softly snoring away like her daddy and brother Warren.  She has slept as long as 6 hours at night which is incredibly important at helping me survive the days. She seems to only be incredibly fussy on the 4 days following any amount of dairy/soy intake.  So for now, none of that for this mama!  Totally worth the sacrifice to get the sleep.  And when my boys are whining and Hannah is crying at the same time it's, well, awful.  My head comes very close to exploding and the headache lasts far longer than the crying.  Let's just say that the whining is enough to make one go insane and Hannah's lungs are definitely not weak. We experienced some unfortunate days after a rather delicious Starbucks soy latte.  Never again...

But outside of that, she's a fairly laid back little girl.  Hannah still spends most of her time hanging out sleeping, eating, and pooping, as all 2 month olds should.  She's still fairly pampered with her expansive girly wardrobe.  Warren and Dean love helping me pick out her outfit each morning and require only a little guidance for weather appropriate attire.  She's just started smiling in recent days and will have a conversation of cooing with me.  I love those rare moments, when the boys are napping or with Andrew, Hannah is awake, and I'm able to really focus on her, playing and talking without guarding her head from flying wooden blocks.  It's a crazy household she's growing up in!

Love you so much sweet girl!  Don't grow up too fast for your mommy...

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