Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

It seems that, overnight, my babies have become big boys.  They are two.  I have two-year-olds.  No longer at all babies and officially toddlers.  I'm not entirely sure how to feel about that.

I tiptoed into their room last night to rock each of them in their final minutes of only being one.  Not sure why, but two sounds so much bigger.  Maybe because when they turned one, it was only going from 11 months to one and then on to 13 months.  Still very gradual when talking about their age.  Now, they are two.  And next?  What, two-and-a-half??  Really?  I want to slow the clock down, soak up each and every second of these little men.  And yet my days are still flying by, time keeps going.

This second year of life has brought so many changes.  Last year, though they were turning one, they were still super tiny in their 0-3 month clothes.  They, developmentally when we adjusted for prematurity, were really the equivalent of less than 9 months old.  But, there is something magical about this 2-year mark, when their birth history no longer matters to the medical world, when they aged over 3 months in a matter of seconds.  This moment when, in their weekly therapy reports, they went from 20.75 months on week to 2 years the next.

This second year brought more changes than the first - first words, first steps, and first kisses.  And yet, it was less dramatic than the first.  I got to spend all my nights with you, instead of missing out on the first 3 months.  There were so many fewer doctors visits, fewer things to worry about, no monitors or wires or weight checks.  There were no midnight feedings as you finally learned to sleep through the night. One year ago seems like not that long ago, and yet, you have become little people instead of babies, taking on your own personalities and things that you love.

Warren.  You are not so little anymore, weighing in at 25 pounds!  You love building blocks, trying to figure out exactly how to get them evenly surrounding the entire outside of the table.  You love throwing balls...and trucks, and books, and puzzles and all sorts of things you should no be throwing.  You love to eat - crackers, cheese, tomatoes, grapes, and chicken top your list.  I love watching you enjoy food.  I love watching you entertain a crowd, seeing your face light up when someone claps for you, seeing that little grin when you know you have done something well.  I love listening to you talk, watching you learn new words and phrases so quickly as you work so hard to catch up.  Most of all I love hearing your giggle, laughing as you play peek-a-boo or jump so high.

Warren, 4 days old

Warren, 1st birthday

Dean.  You doubled in weight this year.  It's just amazing to see how much bigger you are than last year.  You love to play in the kitchen, stiring pom poms with your spoon, feeding bear or giraffe in their chairs.  You love puzzles and put them together so quickly.  And you love the park, digging in the dirt.  You also love to eat, waking each morning asking for these things, in this order: crackers, cheese, chicken, dip, peanut butter.  What an interesting breakfast that would make!  I love watching you explore, watching you run through the house, making animal noises.  I love how you remember so much, how your little mind associates things together.  I love reading with you as you can say the next word in the story that you've heard so many times.  I am so excited to see what this next year brings for us!

Dean, 2 days old

Dean, 1st birthday each of my boys, Mommy loves you immeasurably.

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