Monday, June 30, 2014

A Little Blue Truck birthday party

I have one year olds.  Oh my, where did time go.  Just doesn't seem right.  Andrew and I sat, reminiscing about a year ago, the day my labor finally reached the point of no return, how they were born, what it was like seeing them for the first time.  I am so incredibly excited for them, for all God has accomplished with them is just one year, and for what this next year will bring.  We were able to celebrate with our families this weekend for a Little Blue Truck inspired birthday party.  Here's what was captured from the event.

Baby Books and the adorable Little Blue Trucks my mom drew.

Baby "chalkboard" signs

Lunch spread

The book inspiring our party

Who would have ever though these beenie babies would find themselves useful??

Thanks to Deb's Sweet Cakes for the wonderful Little Blue Truck cake!  We loved it!

The little cute!

Birthday boys come down for their party!

Is it sad this is the best picture I have of my two wiggle worms sitting together? We made them onesies with their names on it and the Little Blue Truck with animals from the cover of the book

Riding our new tractor!

Standing all by ourselves!

Happy Birthday!!

Warren enjoying his cake!

 Dean enjoying his cake!

 Thanks so much for everyone who came, for my sister taking these pictures (as I surely did not take a single on during the whole party...), for all the fun new toys, but most of all...for a years worth of prayers, support, and encouragement.  We are beyond blessed!

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