Thursday, March 20, 2014


So, Warren got a little blurb - only fair to give Dean one too!  I thought now, in the middle of screaming chaos in our house as we "sleep train" (ha!) would be as good a time as any.

Dean came home our easy child.  I remember thinking during those 10 days it was just him how easy it all was.  When I drove back to the hospital each morning around 6:30 everyone commented on how great I looked (aka showered and dressed in real clothes).  I thought, of course.  I've already done the pumping thing every 3 hours.  What does an extra 10 minutes to change and feed this child really add??  Cumulatively, it was 30 minutes less sleep per night.  We just fed him, burped him, and put him right back down where he would quietly drift off to sleep.  Oh, what I wouldn't do for someone to quietly drift off to sleep again!

Dean has been our more content child, for the most part.  BUT, he is definitely all or nothing.  When he is happy, this is what you see:

But when upset...

Poor little guy, wears his emotions right on his sleeve.  All or nothing, that's what you get.  

Dean doesn't contemplate like Warren, he just goes for it.  He'll be sitting and just reach for the toy that is so far away he slams his head down on the ground.  He started "crawling" in February and there's been no stopping him.  But because he starts things so early, he takes a while to perfect them.  Breathing trials started, stopped, started, stopped, countless times before he figured it out.  He would nurse great one feeding and then have no clue the next.  He rolled over a few times in early October (when his adjusted age would have been only about a week old) but then nothing for a while.  Same pattern now with sitting and crawling.  While Warren doesn't start something until he knows he can master it, Dean plows full steam ahead.  I envision countless trips to the ER in my future for this little guy and stitches/broken bones.  Yesterday evening he manage to hit his head about 5 times in the 2 hours Andrew was home.  And he'll manage to fall in the one direction we can't catch him or toward the single corner/hard toy around.  Or just roll right into it.  No fear in that child.

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